December 2021 - Project Update



On December 9, 2021, a Special Joint meeting of the CRPR Authority, Facilities Committee, Finance Committee, and Parks Capital Committee was held to hear a presentation regarding bid results and recommendations regarding the Whitehall Road Regional Park project and to consider making a recommendation to the Executive Committee. Several options were presented to members including an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with each option.

It was the consensus of Executive Committee members at their December 9, 2021, meeting that should it be determined after municipal discussions that if support did not exist from the participating park’s partners to select Option #2, that it be noted that Option #3 would become the default selection which requires no additional action from the General Forum. Ultimately Option #3 was moved forward.

To view the project presentation that was presented at the December 9 Joint meeting and Executive Committee meeting click here.

On December 16, 2021, the CRPR Authority met to award/reject bid packages associated with Option #3 to proceed with the development of Phase I of Whitehall Road Regional Park.

Option #3 – 46% Reduction in parking, cut practice field

Total Project Cost = $6,534,577  |  Number of Parking Spaces = 262

Option Includes:

  • Removal of the irrigation system
  • Removal of the synthetic turf
  • Reduction of the construction and design allowance
  • Acceptance of the site electrical bid deduct
  • Reduction in parking (-225)
  • Reduction in earthwork
  • Reduction in design and construction management
  • Increase in contingency related items
Difference between funding available and total project cost: $0

  • Current available funding covers the total project cost, further action is not required
  • Reliable bids reduce risk exposure and allow for the reduction in the contingency related line items


  • Further reduction in available designed parking creating; strong probability of hindering operations and result in external impacts/costs
  • Requires some additional funding be allocated to refining design with reduced scope
  • Reduction in contingency
  • Requires additional staffing for irrigation operation

  • Available funding supports this defined scope and allows the project to commence
  • Continues to build public interest and support for the park
  • Continue to fund raise as project proceeds through construction to further offset additional cost / add amenities (irrigation, pavilion, concessions)
  • Remaining loan funds may be able to be used as match for additional grants

  • Impacts from lack of parking related complaints may include lower park utilization

Next Steps Moving Forward
  • Finalize any open discussions with contractors and their specific bid packages
  • Offer notice of intent to award bids
  • Establish a schedule for January 2022 through March 2022
  • Final contract negotiations
  • Development of a critical pathway and milestone schedule for construction
  • Consider early procurement of construction materials
  • Plan and schedule ground-breaking ceremony