2019 - 2021 Climate Action & Adaptation Plan Technical Advisory Group

From September 2019 through November 2021, the Climate Action & Adaptation Plan Technical Advisory Group (TAG) provided technical assistance to the Sustainability Planner and the corresponding COG Committees to prepare the Centre Region Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP). The CAAP was adopted November 22, 2021 and the CAAP-TAG has been disbanded.

The TAG was authorized on June 24, 2019 by the General Forum. The TAG used best available science and knowledge to recommend best practices for CRPA staff to compile the CAAP. The Public Services & Environmental Committee initially had oversight of the TAG and it transitioned to the Climate Action and Sustainability Committee in 2021. Other COG Committees were involved throughout the process and reviewed the recommendations in order to make policy decisions regarding the regional CAAP. The General Forum will received updates through the 2-year process.

CAAP-TAG Members Included:

      • Brandi Robinson, PSU Energy and Sustainability Policy instructor, Geography
      • Peter Buckland, PSU Sustainability Institute Academic Programs Manager
      • Alan Sam, SCB Environmental Coordinator/Arborist (retired March 2021)
      • Jasmine Fields, SCB Sustainability Program Officer
      • Franklin Egan, PASA Director of Education
      • Jason Wert, Rettew Energy and Environmental Project Engineer
      • Pam Adams, CRPA Sustainability Planner
      • Adam Brumbaugh, College Township Manager | Advisor to TAG