Public Safety Committee

The Responsibilities of the Public Safety Committee include:

  • To provide policy guidance on the operation, apparatus, facilities, of the regional fire protection program and prepare recommendations for the General Forum.
  • To provide policy guidance on the operation of the Code Administration Agency and make recommendations for permit fee and policy changes to the participating municipalities through the General Forum.
  • To consider for possible referral to the General Forum, recommendations from the Centre Region Emergency Management Council regarding the joint emergency management program.
  • To coordinate studies, plans and proposals with the Public Services and Environmental Committee as they relate to public utilities and public safety.
  • To consult with the fire and emergency services providers regarding the emergency services needs of the Centre Region municipalities and to prepare recommendations for addressing those needs for the General Forum to consider.
  • To study and prepare recommendations on emergency management, fire protection. emergency medical services, and code administration as requested by the Executive Committee.

The Public Safety Committee typically meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 12:15 PM in the COG General Forum Room and via Zoom.