2009 Act 537 Plan Amendment

The adopted and approved 2006 Act 537 Plan Update identified deficiencies within the UAJA’s collection and conveyance system and presented a schedule and estimated costs for upgrading overloaded segments. The following segments were identified as overloaded in 2006, based on the current Regional Growth Boundary (RGB) and Sewer Service Area (SSA):

  • Big Hollow Interceptor
  • Slab Cabin Run Interceptor
  • Puddintown Road Interceptor 

Following adoption of the 2006 Act 537 Plan Update, the UAJA further defined the appropriate structural solutions for these three interceptor projects. Based upon input from the PA Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP), the Centre Region prepared the 2009 Act 537 Sewage Facilities Plan Amendment to address the implementation of these vital interceptor projects.