Most of these ordinances were originally adopted in 1992 as a result of Act 101 of July 1988, Pennsylvania’s Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling and Waste Reduction Act.

Below are links to the Centre Region COG municipal ordinances for solid waste and recycling.  If further information is needed, please go to the township's webpage and/or call your township office.

College Township Solid Waste Ordinance
Phone: (814) 231-3021

Ferguson Township Solid Waste Ordinance
Phone: (814) 238-4651

Harris Township Solid Waste Ordinance
Solid Waste Ordinance (Ordinance No. 287) available by calling HarrisTownship.
Phone: (814) 466-6228

Patton Township Solid Waste Ordinance
Phone: (814) 234-0271

Benner Township Solid Waste Ordinance
Phone: (814) 355-1419

State College Borough Solid Waste Ordinance

Phone : (814) 234-7135
(Provided for information only as the Borough does not participate in the COG Refuse and Recycling Program)