Property Owner Manager

In accordance with Pennsylvania Act 101 and municipal ordinances for refuse and recycling collection in Benner, College, Ferguson, Harris, and Patton Townships, all commercial properties including businesses, institutions and multi-family residences are required to provide refuse and recycling services.  Recycling collection must be separate from trash collection and free from contaminants.  

Contact your hauler (see Contact Information) to start recycling and they can assist you in determining the best service for your business.

You are also responsible for educating your employees, occupants and/or tenants about the services available at your property, as well as, the proper ways in which to dispose of refuse and recycling.  Information about your property’s recycling program should be provided upon occupancy and annually thereafter.

The Centre Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) is available to assist your commercial property in establishing or improving your refuse and recycling program to ensure that you are in compliance with local ordinances and state mandates.  Our office can perform a waste assessment of your property and establish recommendations for effectively managing and reducing your waste stream.  CRCOG Refuse and Recycling coordinators are available to give recycling presentations at your staff meetings or employee training sessions.

Materials are available to assist you in educating your employees, occupants and/or tenants. 
Click here for a list of our downloadable documents.  These materials, as well as, customized materials are also available by contacting our office at (814) 234-7198.  

Our goal is to help your business reduce its waste stream and increase your recycling.
Your benefit is lowering your operating costs and helping the environment!


Review the Recycle at Work section.


Improving your refuse and recycling plan makes good business sense.  By reducing your waste stream and increasing your recycling rate you could be adding to your bottom line while helping the environment. In Center County it costs $67/ton to dispose of trash and only $5/ton to dispose of recycling!  Here are a few ideas for reducing your waste and cutting your costs:

  • Small businesses should consider sharing expenses of trash and recycling collection with other nearby businesses.  Shopping complexes and industrial parks are ideal for this.
  • Review your purchasing policy and purchase items with less or recyclable packaging.
  • Partner with a waste exchange company to dispose of your unwanted materials for reuse. www.materialtrader.org               www.freecycle.org               www.recycle.net

There are several voluntary waste reduction programs available to businesses. These programs encourage waste reduction, cost efficiency and environmental improvement. 
  1. Professional Recyclers of PA Waste Watcher
  2. EPA’s WasteWise Program
  3. EPA’s Design for the Environment
  4. National Pollution Prevention Roundtable

Choosing a Hauler

Commercial property owners/managers should work with a private hauler to set up a recycling program. Oftentimes, owners will use the same hauler for their trash and recycling services.
You are the customer! It is your right to shop around for the best price on hauling services.

View to see list of haulers serving the Centre Region.