Design Guidelines for Refuse & Recycling Containers and Enclosures

General Guidelines


Local ordinances dictate that there shall be an area provided for recycling and trash containers and enclosures. Recycling and trash enclosures need to be designed and located where the occupants can use them and the disposal and hauling companies providing collection services can access them. Enclosure areas shall be sized to accommodate waste collection and recycling collection.  


The COG's Refuse and Recycling Program is available to conduct a waste evaluation. This free service will assist in determining optimal levels of refuse and recycling services for anticipated occupants. Please contact us at 814-234-7198.
Each Township has its own Refuse and Recycling Ordinance. For information on local haulers and recyclers, go to Contact Information.
Below are more specific guidelines for general (retail, office, industrial and mixed use), multi-family and restaurant building plans. UPDATED in 2019