Service Description

What, When and How Much is Collected Weekly

  • Trash and recycling need to be out by 7am EXCEPT FOR THE SUMMER MONTHS. Between Memorial and Labor Days, all trash and recycling need to be out by 6 a.m.

  • What can be placed out with your trash?
  • Trash secured in bags, filled weight not to exceed forty (40) pounds. A maximum of 8 bags will be collected per week for standard (regular) service. Limit of one bag/week for low usage service.
  • Small, bulky items that meet the following criteria:
    • item weighs less than 40 pounds
    • item is easily lifted by one person
    • item will not damage the trucks
    • no more than two such items per week per household; each items takes the place of one bag.
  • Brush that is cut into lengths not exceeding four (4) feet, no larger than four (4) inches in diameter, and securely tied in bundles.  Each bundle shall not exceed forty (40) pounds; each takes the place of one bag.

  • Garden waste can also be bagged, with the weight of each bag not to exceed 40 pounds.

  • Each small bulk item and bag of garden waste or bundle of brush counts as one bag.
  • Household recycling collected by the CCRRA, including:
         -- Recyclable items (mixed paper, plastic bottles and jugs, glass bottles and jars, and metal cans and foils) that meet the recycling guidelines.
             -- Corrugated cardboard boxes that are flattened and placed next to or underneath the
          recycling bin. Maximum size for each piece is 4 feet by 6 feet.

What Will NOT Be Collected:

  Loose trash or trash in uncontained piles.

  • Bags that are in excess of forty (40) pounds each.  
  • Excess of 8 bags per week.
  • Bags that are very heavy or dense, ripped, or otherwise too problematic to handle.
  • Auto parts
  • Tires  (Please hold tires for the semi-annual bulk waste collection.)
  • Liquid paints, latex or oil based  (Empty metal paint containers can be recycled.  Click here for more information on Paint.)
  • Dead animals
  • Unbundled wood or railroad ties
  • Construction and plumbing materials
  • Concrete (concrete causes damage to the truck)
  • Soil, sod, stones, rocks, or bricks
  • Grass clippings (Click to learn more about how you can recycle your grass.)

Twice Each Year - Bulk Collection:

The rates paid by residential customers include a free bulk waste collection each Spring and again in the Fall.  The hauler will collect old furniture, bedding and carpeting as refuse and will collect covered-device electronics, appliances (limit one per type), and tires (limit 6 passenger size, removed from rim) for recycling.  No loose piles of debris or construction material will be removed - such materials must be properly bundled.  Have items at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on your regular collection day during the bulk waste collection week.  Keep in mind that smaller items can be left out with your regular trash throughout the year.