Proper mowing is required for successful grasscycling. Cut grass when the surface is dry, and keep mower blades sharp. Follow the "1/3 Rule": mow your lawn often enough so that no more than 1/3 of the length of the grass blade is cut in any one mowing. Frequent mowing will produce short clippings that will not cover up the grass surface.

You may have to cut the lawn every 7 days when the lawn is growing fast but only every 7 to 14 days when the lawn is growing slowly.  You can grasscycle with most any mower (push, electric or gas). The mower collection bag should be removed to allow clippings to drop on the lawn. However, if your mower does not have a safety flap covering the opening where the bag fits into the chute, it is important that you purchase a retrofit kit from your local retailer. 

Most lawnmower manufacturers have “mulching” mowers which cut grass blades into small pieces and force them into the soil. These types of mowers are particularly good at grasscycling and have become very popular. When it's time to replace your lawnmower, consider a mulching mower.