Planning Commissioner Training

A core service of the Centre Regional Planning Agency is to provide and conduct educational training on planning topics.  In December 2015, the CRPA conducted an online survey to obtain feedback on training needs from municipal planning commissioners in the Centre Region.  Based on the results of this survey, the Centre Regional Planning Agency created several training courses that can be provided on an as-needed basis and can also be accessed via the CRPA webpage.  In addition to training courses, the CRPA began publishing a quarterly educational newsletter in June 2016.  This newsletter provides information on topics related to the specific role and responsibilities of planning commissions. 
Training courses created and offered by the CRPA, as well as the quarterly newsletter, can be accessed via the links below.  In addition to training materials created by the CRPA, links have been provided to other web-based educational materials that may be of interest to planning commissioners, elected officials, and residents in the Centre Region.

Training Courses


Other Resources