Q. How do I dispose of my fluorescent tubes?

Fluorescent tubes from homes may be placed in the garbage.  For the safety of the hauler, please make sure the tube is placed in plain sight so the hauler may safely handle it. The other option is to put them in 2 garbage bags and securely tie shut.  Place in your garbage can for weekly collection.

Recycling of fluorescent tubes
If you would like to see them recycled, you have two choices:

1. Contact eLoop, 3500 E College Ave, State College, PA 16801, (724) 519-7646
  • eLoop llc is an IT asset management and data security company in the region that processes Centre County's  e-waste. They provide additional services which includes recycling of fluorescent tubes. Residents and business should call them to determine the charges and how to drop the tubes off. For commercial locations eLoop will pick up tubes.
  • eLoop does not send any eWaste to developing nations and they focus on keeping the majority of the recycling efforts local.  This enables them to keep 60% of the material in Pennsylvania, creating more “Green Jobs.”
2.  Save them for Household Hazardous Waste collection which occurs at the Centre County Recycling & Refuse Authority.  This even takes place at the end of April.