More than 32,500 plastic bottles have been recycled at Hess Field since the program began in 2011.

How much has been recycled from parks?


Recycling of plastic bottles and aluminum cans in our parks started in 2010 and was expanded to include Oak Hall Regional Park in 2015.  Recycling of food and pizza boxes at the Welch and Park Forest pools also started in 2015.



From 2010-2018 we have recycled:

  • 7.31 tons of plastic bottles
    That's about 576,174 plastic bottles!

  • And 2.207 tons of metal cans.
    That's about 129,435 cans!


During the first year of collecting organic materials (food & pizza boxes) from Welch and Park Forest pools--the summer of 2015--we collected 2.93 tons of organic material.


Great job!  Many thanks to our parks crew who are environmental stewards of our great park system.