Rental Housing Forms and Applications

  • A Rental Housing permit is required when a person, firm, or corporation operates or rents to another, or provides for residential occupancy to a space that is not theirs. The Centre Region Code Administration rental housing program is enforced in the municipalities of Patton, College, Ferguson, and Harris Townships and the Boroughs of State College and Bellefonte.
  • The scope of this code applies to all existing residential and non-residential structures and all existing premises to ensure the minimum requirements and standards for structures, equipment and facilities for light, ventilation, space, heating, sanitation, protection from the elements, life safety, safety from fire and other hazards and for safe and sanitary maintenance.

Exception: Owner-occupied single-family dwellings that do not require a rental housing permit are exempted from all sections of this code except Sections 108, 109, 110, 302, 304, and Chapters 2, 9, 10 and 11 of this code.

**The 2023 Centre Region Rental Housing and Building Safety Code has been adopted by the municipalities effective August 1, 2023 (exception: Bellefonte Borough).** 

Please Note: The Tenant Acknowledgement Form and Fire Safety Certificate do not need to be returned with the completed application. Please retain these documents for your records. Application fees may apply. 

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Procedure for Applying                                                                       Bellefonte Borough Tenant Acknowledgment Form                    Bellefonte Borough Fire Safety Certificate

Rental Permit Application                                                                   College Twp Tenant Acknowledgment Form                                 College Twp Fire Safety Certificate

Person in Charge Form                                                                       Ferguson Twp Tenant Acknowledgment Form                             Ferguson Twp Fire Safety Certificate                                                  

Rental Application Grid                                                                       Harris Twp Tenant Acknowledgment Form                                   Harris Twp Fire Safety Certificate                                      

College Township Rental Application Checklist                               Patton Twp Tenant Acknowledgment Form                                  Patton Twp Fire Safety Certificate

Bellefonte Zoning Application                                                                      State College Borough Tenant Acknowledgment Form                 State College Borough Fire Safety Certificate

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