Girls Rock - Intro to Mountain Biking Ride

“Girls Mountain Bike” beginners developmental program is designed specifically for middle school girls ages 10-13. Girls Rock will crank off the fun starting with safety rules and learning how to appropriately ‘control breaking, shifting and bike speed. Each week we will progress with more skills and provide the opportunity to improve in trail and terrain awareness in the local parks. The girls will learn local trails that are open for public use between dawn and dusk. 

The coaches will provide professional mountain bike instruction with individual attention to each child’s needs and detailed instruction on how to safely mountain bike in groups. These riding sessions will improve self-confidence and build a healthier mind body relationship. Beginner mountain bikers are welcome as well as girls with some experience. Riders are required to bring their own bike, helmet, and water. 

Each session costs $40 and is limited to 10 participants. The registration fee is used for our insurance costs, snacks, and surprise swag for the girls. Our coaches happily volunteer their time to build our community of GIRLS ROCK riders. 

New (or experienced) moms are welcome to ride with us! 


Suburban Park State College