Rothrock Races - Greenwood Furnace MTB Race

Join us for the Rothrock Greenwood Furnace MTB race – the third of four 2024 Seasons of Rothrock races. If you mountain bike or hike, you know how grueling this side of Seven Mountains can be. We’re manning the support station and would love your company in the cheering gallery. Help us give these riders the something extra they need to get through these rocky, challenging trails.

Wanna race? Sign up here:

Wanna watch? RSVP to join us at the Support Station for a fun little lunch party to cheer on the riders and watch a great race. NO WORK INVOLVED (we take care of that part!). They really appreciate the bell ringing and good vibes. Let us know you are coming with an RSVP so we can give you directions and info on how best to arrive.