unPAved 2024 Race

Join us for the unPAved gravel race in Bald Eagle State Forest where we man a support station and cheer on riders. We’ve spent 3 years perfecting our set-up and presentation for the 800 riders that flow through! Jim and Bobbie grill hot dogs to perfection, Roy’s water tower and refills keep everyone hydrated, Andy, Scot and Erica make sure the pickles, Skittles, Oreos, protein bars, Cokes, Chips, Oranges and Bananas stay stocked to the end.

Wanna race? Sign up for the Saturday, Oct. 12th FunPaved Group Rides or Sunday, Oct. 13th 30-mile Grey Unicorn; 50-, 90- or 120-mile Race; Slumber Party overnight 120-miler; and Big Lick 200 here: https://rothrock.hvwcycling.com/whipple-dam-gravel-race/

Wanna watch? RSVP to join the Support Station Watch Gallery for a fun little lunch party to cheer on the riders and watch a great race. NO WORK INVOLVED (we take care of that part!). There will be hundreds of racers from 9am to 2pm and they really appreciate the bell ringing and good vibes. Let us know that you are coming with an RSVP so we can give you directions and info on how best to arrive.