Second Annual Alleycat Bicycle Race - Hosted by Proud Cats

WHEN: Sunday, June 11th, 2023 @ 3PM (see race info re:time). Rain or shine!

WHERE: The ride will begin at Sidney Friedman Park and end at a location TBD (in town) with eleven checkpoints in between.

WHY: To celebrate Queers Everywhere during pride month AND to fundraise for Centre LGBTQ Support Network!

HOW: Ur Legs + Ur Bike + Ur Best Queer Spirit + A Helmet + $10 Race Entry (paid in-person via cash or venmo)


We're back for a second year of State College's one and only pride alleycat bicycle race! What the heck is an alleycat? An alleycat is a bike race scavenger hunt! Rather than following a prescribed race course, participants are given a list of location checkpoints, and the goal is to reach the greatest number of checkpoints within the shortest amount of time, taking any route desired. The race is informal, unsanctioned, and technically illegal— streets are not closed, and riders must be comfortable riding alongside cars at their own risk. Helmets are required, and gravel-compatible bike tires are recommended. Also bring your adventurous spirit, regional navigational skills, and, above all, queer pride and allyship! This event is a fundraiser for Centre LGBTQ Support Network, the primary nonprofit serving the LGBTQ community in Centre County. Riders can pay in cash/venmo on the day of the race. Riders under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


This ride is all ages, but will possibly end at a brewery. All riders will receive:

  • A manifest (the list of scavenger hunt checkpoints)
  • A spoke card (decoration for your bike so you can remember PROUD CATS forever or until it disintegrates in the rain).

Each checkpoint will have a hidden container filled with different colored stickers—find the container, place a sticker on your spoke card, and at the end, show your spoke card to the organizers to prove how many stops you made it to!

Race schedule:

  • 3PM: Manifests will become available at Sidney Friedman Park! It is a good idea to get there with enough time to plan your route.
  • 4PM: Race begins!
  • 6PM: All riders back at finish, location TBD
  • 6:30PM: PRIZES

Everyone will be technically competing individually but teams are super encouraged! Awards will be distributed based first on how many checkpoints you reached and second on how fast you made it to Voodoo. For example, if two people both reach all 10 checkpoints, the person who makes it back first will be scored ahead. One sticker will be docked for each 15-minute increment past 6 PM you arrive.

NOTE FROM THE ORGANIZER: The purpose of this event is to gather the community, celebrate queerness, ride bikes, and be joyful. Non-LGBTQ people are more than welcome to attend! Please, everyone: be respectful of each others' identities and pronouns, expect a relatively informal and non-competitive atmosphere, and have fun! Feel free to email me thru Eventbrite with any questions. <3 Naomi