What is the ACCC Renewables Accelerator?

The Renewables Accelerator is part of the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ American Cities Climate Challenge (ACCC), an initiative that aims to go beyond the theoretical and scale up high-impact urban climate solutions that are already proven to succeed. The Renewables Accelerator provides tools, resources, and technical assistance to help US cities advance ambitious renewable energy goals. Jointly led by Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and World Resources Institute (WRI), the partnership supports local governments in the American Cities Climate Challenge, the Urban Sustainability Directors Network, and more as they strive to decarbonize the electricity sector. To date, the Renewables Accelerator has worked with over 150 local governments and supported over 4 GW of new renewable energy deals.

The Large-Scale Renewables Aggregation Cohort is one of several Renewables Accelerator efforts aimed at helping local government staff accelerate renewable energy adoption and electricity decarbonization in their communities. Local governments participating in the cohort commit the time and support of their legal, accounting, and procurement teams throughout the process, which helps advance real progress toward achieving renewable energy goals as a result of cohort participation.