Centre Region Policy for the Operation of E-Bikes on Shared Use Paths

The Centre Region’s elected officials took action at the May 23, 2016 General Forum meeting to amend the Centre Region Bike Plan to allow e-bikes, as defined by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in Act 154 of 2014, to operate on the Centre Region's shared use paths.
Pennsylvania Act 154 of 2014 amended the definition of pedalcycle to include pedalcycle with electric assist and defined a pedalcycle with electric assist as follows:
A vehicle weighing not more than 100 pounds with two or three wheels more than 11 inches in diameter, manufactured or assembled with an electric motor system rated at not more than 750 watts and equipped with operable pedals and capable of a speed not more than 20 miles per hour on a level surface when powered by the motor source only. The term does not include a device specifically designed for use by persons with disabilities.

This allows pedalcycles with electric assist (e-bikes) to operate as bikes throughout the Commonwealth. Informational Flyer:  Is My E-Bike Legal in PA?

The majority of the Region’s shared use paths are signed “No Motorized Vehicles” as a condition of federal funding. However, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) provides an exception for electric bicycles when State or local regulations permit.