Why consider organics recycling in our community?

 Why Organics Graph

Based on local, state, and federal information, the Public Services & Environmental Committee is aware that organic waste, which includes food waste and yard trimmings, makes up the largest portion (20-40%) of the materials going to the landfill.

COG residents landfill 11,000 tons of refuse a year. With a successful Organics Recycling Program, the Centre Region has the potential to remove 3,000 tons a year of organic waste from the landfill and put it to beneficial use.

 In 2013, the State College Borough implemented a successful Organics Recycling Program with 80% of its households participating and has diverted nearly 20% of material out of the landfill annually. State College Borough automated truck  Pie chart of waste composition 2003
Organics Survey ReportWhile the data supports a Regional Organics Recycling Program, the success of this type of program hinges on residents’ willingness to use the service. A residential survey to determine interest in organics recycling was done in 2015.