What is the future of organics recycling for our region?

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The future of organics recycling is very promising for the Centre Region.  Both the Borough of State College and the Pennsylvania State University have built successful organics recycling programs. These programs capture both residential and commercial organic waste. State College Borough residents alone diverted nearly 1,000 tons of organics from the landfill in 2014.  



While we cannot be certain that the path for organics recycling will be the same for the COG municipalities, we are exploring various options and improvements to our service to meet our residents' needs and requests.  We have been fortunate in that the Borough of State College and Pennsylvania State University have been willing to share valuable information and lessons learned.

 We invite our residents be a part of the process.  Please contact our office with your questions or comments at (814) 234-7198 or via email at recycler@crcog.net.