Fire Safety Applications

Fire Safety Program

The Fire Safety Program provides six basic services to the municipalities of Patton, Harris, College and Ferguson Townships and the Boroughs of State College and Bellefonte.  The program is regulated by the Centre Region Building Safety & Property Maintenance Code.

These services include:

  • inspection of all commercial properties, including all business offices, mercantile, assembly and industrial occupancies to ensure compliance with the International Fire Code

  • review building plans and perform inspections for fire protection systems being installed in existing buildings

  • conduct public education programs for schools, fraternities and civic groups

  • assist the Centre Region Fire Marshall in the investigation of fires to determine if code violations contributed to the fire, or if code improvements helped to minimize the severity of the fire

  • administer the adopted building, property maintenance and fire codes and coordinate with the health department to identify and provide guidance on the mitigation of conditions that would compromise the health and safety of residents and visitors of the Centre Region

  • respond to emergency incidents when requested to provide expertise in structural engineering and other building systems regarding the overall safety of the structure when it has been compromised due to fire or any other destructive factor.


Fire Safety Program Application

Fire Safety License Program Information

Professional Fire Alarm Installer Application


Alarm Permit Application 

All property owners who have an emergency alarm system on property that calls offsite to either, police, fire or EMS, are required to obtain an Alarm Permit through our office. There is a $20 fee which covers the life of the permit for 5 years. After 5 years, you will need to reapply.



  • No person, firm, business, association or corporation shall operate a place of assembly, business, education, factory, mercantile, hotel, motel, assisted living facility or storage facility or rent such space to a person, firm, business, association or corporation until a fire safety program license (permit) has been issued by the Centre Region Code Administration.
  • Fire Safety Program licenses (permits) are not transferrable and is only valid for a specific tenant, occupant, franchisee, business, or legal entity and if the occupying entity changes, a new fire safety program license shall be applied for within 5 calendar days of the change occurring.