What are the blue lights I see on some Firefighter vehicles?

Pennsylvania law permits members of volunteer fire companies to display blue lights when responding to fires. These are courtesy lamps, and although you are asked to yield to the firefighter to speed his/her response, you are not legally obligated to do so. Blue lights do not give a volunteer firefighter the right to disobey traffic laws or move through red lights. Alpha Fire Company members do not use blue lights for response. We simply have too much traffic to make them practical and we do not care to deal with abuse or complaints related to the use of these devices.

Alpha Fire Police may use blue lights while operating at the scene of an emergency to improve warning distances for approaching drivers. Alpha Chief Officers may use red lights and siren on a personal vehicle for response in accordance with state laws, although most elect not to do so. You must yield to any vehicle with activated red lights; or the blue-red light combination on police vehicles.