Why was I barred from entering my property?

By law we are ultimately responsible for the safety of anyone on our fireground and we are also bound by law to investigate the origin and cause of any fire. We will not allow any person, including property owners or tenants, to access any fire scene until it is determined to be safe. We simply cannot take undue risk with your personal safety. Similarly, we must demonstrate sound investigative practices to determine origin and cause. As such we must protect evidence of origin and cause until the investigation is complete and properly documented, even in cases where the fire is obviously accidental. When the origin or cause is not easily identified, the building may remain secured until the Fire Marshal or other competent authority can complete a more thorough investigation.

Normally we will escort you into your building to retrieve personal items and ensure that you understand the hazards that exist as a result of the fire or our actions prior to releasing the building to your care.