If the Alpha Fire Company is tax supported why are they asking me for a donation?

The Alpha Fire Company solicits donations via US Mail approximately every other year. Your donation to the fire company is tax deductible. Donations are strictly voluntary and have absolutely no bearing on the level of service you will be provided.

Donations to the Alpha Fire Company are used to fund items that directly benefit the volunteer firefighters and fire police officers. These include funding for the annual family picnic, some costs of the annual banquet such as awards; and social amenities such as televisions, lounge furnishings, and kitchen supplies. These are items that are beneficial to the program but may not be considered essential to providing basic services to the taxpayer. Alpha members also fund a few small scholarships and will periodically use donation funds to help cover the costs of taxpayer funded items such as capital improvements to the fire stations. In a typical year, Alpha donations cover approximately $40,000 of program costs.

Alpha Fire Company does NOT share donor information with any other organization or group.