What is a Knox Box and how do I get one?

A Knox Box is a secure key safe that mounts on the wall of a building. The only keys available to open the box are in the possession of the fire company. When there is a fire alarm or a fire, the fire company can access the key safe and use the building keys to enter the building rather than breaking into the building. This is particularly beneficial for incidents involving water flows or automatic alarms where there may not be an actual fire or the fire may be already extinguished.

To obtain a Knox Box contact the Knox Company directly at www.knoxbox.com or (866) 625-4563. Choose the size and style of box that best suits your needs and be sure to specify the keying for the Alpha Fire Company of State College, PA.

If you care to do so, you may interconnect your Knox Box with your building security system. If interconnected, opening your Knox Box will activate your burglar alarm.