Centre County Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) 2044

The Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) serves as the official transportation plan for a metropolitan area. The LRTP documents the current and future transportation demand and identifies long-term improvements and projects to meet those needs. The Centre County LRTP 2044 will guide decision-making about transportation improvements in Centre County to the year 2044.

Click on the image at left to download the entire document or on the links below to download individual chapters. To request a print copy or CD-ROM, contact the Centre Regional Planning Agency at 814-231-3050.

PennDOT provides an interactive website for viewing projects on the Centre County Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), which represents the first four-year time period of the LRTP, and for viewing projects on the Pennsylvania Twelve Year Program, which represents an additional eight years of projects planned in Centre County. To be redirected to PennDOT’s website, which includes more project details please click here

On Tuesday, July 31, 2018, the CCMPO Coordinating Committee took action to amend the LRTP 2044 (2018 Update). The amendment included the funding package for the I-80/I-99 Interchanges project in the Centre County LRTP 2044, where it was previously in a special category titled, "Projects for Future Consideration." 

In June 2018, the U.S. Department of Transportation awarded $35.1 million to PennDOT from the federal Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) discretionary grant program for the "I-80 and I-99 Interstate Connection." The CCMPO was subsequently informed that PennDOT was committing the remaining funding needed for the High Speed and Local Access Interchanges from discretionary sources of federal and stand funds. 

This project includes the construction of a new I-80/I-99 High Speed Interchange, a new I-80/Route 26 Local Access Interchange, and a completion of the Route 26 (Jacksonville Road) Betterment between the two interchanges. Together, the three improvements will replace the existing I-80 Exit 161 (Bellefonte) Interchange. 

For more information on this project, please scroll down and click the link titled, "Chapter XIII - I-80/I-99 Interchanges"

Centre County LRTP 2044: