Energy and Buildings

CAAP GOAL: Achieve building efficiencies to reduce energy consumption 30% for homes and 25% for businesses.

Individually, 79% of our emissions come from electricity consumption, 14% from natural gas consumption, and the remaining 7% from other stationary combustion fuels such as fuel oil and propane. This represents a significant opportunity to reduce emissions and help our community meet its reduction targets.

Reducing energy consumption will require action on all fronts, meaning that reductions will need to come from existing buildings—most of which will still be standing in 2050—as well as new buildings. Installing efficient lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, windows and insulation, and other upgrades can significantly reduce energy use. The business case for energy efficiency and green buildings is strong. It would lower utility and maintenance costs, lessen risk from energy price volatility, increase property values, improve health and productivity of occupants, and create local jobs.