What to do with grass clippings?


First thing: No grass clippings will be accepted in your trash collection.  :(

BUT--there are other ways to take care of grass clippings.  :)

  • Leave them on your lawn (grasscycling)
  • Take them to a drop-off location.

Grass recycling drop off locations:

  • Spring Creek Park (parking lot off Balmoral Way)
  • GOH Recycling Center (110 Hawbaker Industrial Drive; 272-0008)
  • Ferguson Township Municipal Building (3147 Research Dr; second parking lot area).

No grass clippings accepted in trash collection.

Grasscycling is the simple practice of leaving grass clippings on the lawn when mowing. Once cut, grass clippings first dehydrate, then decompose, quickly disappearing from view.
Simply put, grasscycling is good for your lawn and can help you reduce waste. 
  • Encourages a healthier lawn by returning nutrients to the soil beneath the lawn.
  • Reduces work because you don't have to bag or rake and dispose of your clippings.
  • Saves you money because you don’t have to pay for disposal of your clippings.
  • Benefits the environment by naturally recycling the clippings.