General Forum ~ Committees ~ Authorities

The General Forum serves as the general policy body of the Centre Region COG. Each January, the General Forum shall conduct an organizational meeting to select Officers and designate regular meeting dates. The General Forum is responsible for considering and carrying out the programs and functions agreed to by the participating municipalities.

Each municipality appoints one elected official to each of the COG Committees for which their community is a participating member of – Executive, Finance, Facilities, Human Resources, Parks Capital, Public Safety, Climate Action and Sustainability, and Land Use and Community Infrastructure Committee.

Committee recommendations are presented in the form of a motion that provides a starting point for the General Forum’s discussions. If the issue is particularly “politically” charged, the Committee may refer the issue to the individual municipal Boards/Councils for comment. Municipal responses are considered by the Committee in preparing its recommendation.

The mission of the Centre Region Parks and Recreation Authority is to serve Centre Region residents of all ages throughout the year with a variety of recreation opportunities and access to facilities to enrich their lives through participation in programs, facility use, provision of leadership resources and technical assistance, and serving the participating municipalities' residents and groups.

Agendas and minutes for General Forum, COG Committee, and CRPR Authority meetings may
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General Forum

Executive Committee (Standing)

Finance Committee (Standing)

Human Resources Committee (Standing)

Land Use and Community Infrastructure Committee (Standing)

Parks Capital Committee (Standing)

Parks and Recreation Governance Special Committee

Public Safety Committee (Standing)

Facilities Committee (Standing)

Climate Action and Sustainability Committee (Standing)

Centre Region Parks and Recreation Authority