Climate Action & Sustainability Committee

The responsibilities of the Climate Action and Sustainability Committee include:
  • To review state and federal policy, provide guidance, and recommend programs and COG policies, and project initiatives relating to climate adaptation and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • To provide oversight of how to measure, monitor, and assess reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and to meet reduction targets over time.
  • To promote local climate preparedness and collective risk management efforts that improve resiliency and adapt to climate change in the Centre Region.
  • To advance the Centre Region as a leader in diverse sustainable practices that contribute to environmental and human health, economic prosperity, environmental justice and social equity.
  • To recommend bidding specifications for the Refuse and Recycling Program to the General Forum and to recommend actions on major policy issues affecting that program.
  • To coordinate studies, plans, and proposals with other COG Committees as they relate to major land use policy, transportation projects, other infrastructure projects, and community resiliency.
  • To study and prepare recommendations on sustainability policy, issues or projects in the Centre Region as requested by the Executive Committee.

    The CAS Committee typically meets on the second Monday of each month at 12:15 PM in the COG General Forum Room and via Zoom.



The stated vision of the Climate Action and Sustainability Committee is to develop in the Centre Region a proactive and equitable culture of sustainability as it intersects with community resiliency, and social, environmental, and fiscal responsibilities.


The mission of the Climate Action and Sustainability Committee is to promote and oversee the strategic, proactive, and coordinated actions among the COG municipalities and to engage all residents, governments, and businesses toward this effort {a more sustainable culture} using research, education, communication, and comprehensive and strategic planning.



The Climate Action and Sustainability (CAS) Committee was established in January 2021 as a result of COG Resolution 2020-8.