Office of Administration


The Office of Administration is the central administrative/coordinating office for all Centre Region COG agencies, programs and activities.

The Office of Administration provides four general services, covering the following areas:

  • General Forum and Subcommittee Staff Support - Ensuring the implementation of policy decisions made by the elected officials.
  • Intergovernmental Services - Coordinating the provision of joint public services and facility operations.
  • Financial Management Services - Preparing and administering an annual budget and providing financial oversight for its execution.
  • Personnel Administration - Maintaining and administering a personnel system that meets the needs of COG. 

Of these services, the most significant is the provision of staff support to the elected officials during all phases of the COG decision-making process. This staff assistance encompasses working with elected officials on a variety of activities including identifying actual and potential regional problems; evaluating alternative courses of action; building consensus recommendations; implementing approved decisions; and monitoring the outcome of those actions.

A high priority of the Office of Administration is responding to questions and concerns from the public and from elected officials regarding regional programs.

The Office of Administration was established in 1974. Prior to that time, COG Administration was the responsibility of the State College Borough Manager on a volunteer basis from 1971 to 1973. The position of General Secretary was created in 1974. In order to provide coordination among the COG Agencies, this position was upgraded to that of Director of Administration in 1979. During the 1980s, as the COG grew in response to increasing service demands from the municipalities, various committees discussed how to reduce the COG's organizational complexity and clarify the lines of accountability to the elected officials. In response to this concern, the General Forum adopted Resolution 1987-6 in August of 1987, which upgraded the position of Director of Administration to that of Executive Director. Through this action, the Executive Director is authorized to direct, supervise, and administer the Agencies and programs of the COG, in accordance with the policies established by the General Forum, except as otherwise provided for by ordinance, statute, or resolution.