Register Your Bike Online!

All bicycles operated in the Borough of State College and on the University Park campus must be registered and display a current Centre Region permit. (The permit issued on campus is identical to the one issued by the Borough of State College.)
Permits are available from the State College Borough and Ferguson Township Police Departments, Penn State University, and participating bicycle shops. In order to be registered and issued a permit, a bicycle must be in a safe mechanical operating condition and be equipped with a red reflector on the rear, an amber reflector on each side, and if operated at night, a headlamp to illuminate the bicyclist’s path that is visible for a distance of 500 feet. Additional information about bike registration can be found on the State College Borough and Penn State University websites.
Penn State has partnered with Bike Index, the nation’s largest and most effective bike registration and recovery service, to provide Centre Region cyclists with this service. Click here to create an account.
All Centre Region residents are encouraged to register their bikes so that lost and stolen bikes can be returned to their rightful owners.
Have you found an abandoned bike with a Centre Region registration sticker on it? If so, click here.