The Centre Region Council of Governments

The Centre Region COG is governed by the General Forum, which is comprised of 32 elected officials from the six municipalities. In addition, there is a non-voting representative from Penn State University and a liaison from the local school district. Surprisingly, despite its large size, most General Forum votes are unanimous. In large measure, this consensus flows from the COG’s Committee system, which is designed to prepare recommendations to be developed on regional policy issues. Each municipality appoints one elected official to each of the COG Committees – Executive, Finance, Facilities, Human Resources, Parks Capital, Public Safety, Land Use and Community Infrastructure, and Climate Action and Sustainability.

Committee recommendations are presented in the form of a motion that provides a starting point for the General Forum’s discussions. If the issue is particularly “politically” charged, the Committee may refer the issue to the individual municipal Boards/Councils for comment.  Municipal responses are considered by the Committee in preparing its recommendation.

The position of General Forum Chair rotates annually among the municipalities. Each municipality also has the opportunity to host one General Forum meeting per year.  COG meetings are cablecast on the area’s local government/education access channel - CNET. The local media is a regular attendee of General Forum meetings and has been an ally in helping to inform the public about regional policy issues.


COG Building Address:

2643 Gateway Drive
State College PA 16801
(814) 231-3077

Hours of Operation:

8 AM - 5 PM
Monday - Friday