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PARTICIPATION:  In accordance with municipal ordinances for refuse and recycling collection in Benner, College, Ferguson, Harris, and Patton Townships, all single family residences with curbside service are required to participate individually in the Regional Refuse and Recycling Program, and are required to pay the contracted hauler for that service.

The contract was awarded to Advanced Disposal Services for 2020-2024.  However, Advanced was acquired by Waste Management late in 2020.  In July of 2021, Waste Management transitioned all billing from Advanced to their internal billing system. Your invoice will come from Waste Management starting with the July 2021 bill.

  1. Service levels for trash:
    Regular Service:       8 bags or cans/week limit, weight not to exceed 40 pounds each; $2/week for each extra bag or can
    Low Usage Service:    1 bag or can/week limit, weight not to exceed 40 pounds

  2. Unlimited recycling.  Curbside collection of glass and plastic bottles, jugs & jars; metal cans and foils; mixed paper and paperboard; corrugated cardboard. Drop-off recycling for miscellaneous plastics and electronics. Annual drop-off collection of Household Hazardous Waste.

  3. Other services included with monthly rate:
    -Semi-annual bulk waste collections
    --Annual Christmas tree recycling
    --Up to 3 small bulk items can replace the same number of bags per week
    --Bundles or bags of yard waste (no grass clippings) may replace the same number of bags per week.

  4. Additional for-fee service:
    Large bulk waste items can be collected any time by contacting WM at 866-272-6861 or scheduling online at and clicking on "Request Service."

  5. Rates for trash and recycling collection for 2023: 

Service Level

Monthly Rate

Quarterly Invoice

Regular curbside
 up to 8 bags/week



Low-Use curbside
1 bag/week



Regular Door*
up to 8 bags/week



Low-Use Door*
1 bag/week



                                  *Door service is an optional service provided by WM for an additional $10 per month.

For more information on Refuse Collection Services, Rates, Billing, and Assistance with your Refuse Bills:

Service Rates, Billing, and Assistance Program

2020 Advanced Disposal Residential Guidelines Brochure.pdf 


Recycle at Home

Blue Recycling Sign
Recycling information, red bin or blue toter, what's required and accepted, how to prepare recyclables, where to place them and what happens to them.

Trash Collection
Blue Trash Can
Curbside trash collection information, how to dispose of bulk waste, link to bill pay.

Yard and Garden Waste
Blue Leaf
Brush and tree trimmings collection, leaf collection, Christmas Tree collection, spring yard waste, grasscycling, composting.

Household Hazardous Waste
Blue HHW
What is Household Hazardous Waste (HHW), where and how to dispose of HHW, special collection events, additional resources.

Blue Paper
Links to the Centre Region COG Townships' ordinances for solid waste and recycling.  Including College, Ferguson, Harris, Patton, Benner and Halfmoon Townships.