Leaves, Brush and Tree Trimmings


The disposal of leaves, brush and tree trimmings is handled by your township, which posts information on its website.  These organic materials are composted in cooperation with the Borough of State College.  This arrangement keeps this material out of the landfill. If you missed your township collection see below for what the contracted hauler, Advanced Disposal, will take with weekly curbside trash collection.


Please watch this 4 minute Brush and Leaf Video to learn how to properly prepare your items for collection.

College Township 814-231-3021

College Twp website - Leaf & Brush Collection

Monthly brush collection in the spring and summer with a fall brush collection event. Two leaf collection events per year - one in the spring and one in the fall.

 Ferguson Township


 Ferguson Twp website - Leaf & Brush Collection

Monthly collection will occur April - November. Curbside brush and leaf collection will be suspended December - March.

Patton Township 814-234-0271

Patton Twp website - Leaf & Brush Collection -  Offers monthly collection of brush and leaves.

Benner Township 814-355-1419

Benner Twp website for contact details

Two collections for brush and leaves per year, spring and fall. By appointment only.

Harris Township


 Harris Twp Leaf & Brush Collection website

Two collections for each year, spring and fall. Weekly leaves in the fall.

 Yard Waste Disposal through Waste Management (Not Composted)
Regular service customers of Waste Management have an eight-bag limit (32-gallon size) for household waste collection each week. You can place bundles of brush or bags of leaves and yard trimmings in place of the same number of trash bags for weekly collection by the hauler. However, these leaves are NOT COMPOSTED but instead end up in the landfill.  The EPA estimates that bagged leaves make up 8% of landfill volume, and as they slowly decompose, they emit methane, a greenhouse gas many times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Yard trimmings, leaves and brush must be prepared in the following manner:

  • Cut brush in lengths not exceeding four (4) feet
  • No larger than four (4) inches in diameter
  • Each bundle/bag shall not exceed forty (40) pounds
  • No grass clippings
Or you can leafcycle and/or compost your yard waste. 

 Leafcycling: Leave those leaves on your lawn!  Go here to learn more about this eco-friendly way to handle your Fall leaves, and to help your lawn at the same time.

 COMPOSTING: Go HERE to learn more about backyard composting.