2018 Act 537 Plan Special Study

The Pennsylvania State University prepared a Special Study to update the Centre Region Act 537 Sewage Facilities Plan for portions of State College Borough and College Township. The Special Study addresses upgrades to the University Park Campus Wastewater Treatment Plant, which provides sanitary sewer service to a majority of the University Park Campus and provides bulk sanitary sewer service to a small portion of the Borough of State College in the College Heights District.
The Special Study identifies the need to upgrade the existing wastewater treatment plant in order to renovate and replace aged infrastructure, improve onsite safety and improve the treatment and energy efficiency of the facility. The recommended upgrades include improvements to the following systems:  primary treatment, secondary treatment, disinfection, odor control, effluent pumping and associated systems. The upgrades will be implemented and funded directly by the Pennsylvania State University.  
At the March 26, 2018 COG General Forum meeting, a Public Hearing was held to receive input on the Draft 2018 Act 537 Special Study to Upgrade the Penn State University Park Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). Following the Public Hearing, the governing bodies of State College Borough and College, Ferguson, Halfmoon, Harris and Patton Townships held Special Meetings to adopt the 2018 Special Study.
The Special Study can be downloaded by clicking on the link below: