Trash Collection

Your property owner will inform you of the type of collection service offered at your residence.  Trash will either be collected curbside or by dumpster service.  Click on the appropriate service below for your basic collection guidelines.




Bulk Waste Disposal
Bulk waste are those items that are too big to fit into your trash cans or dumpster (furniture, appliances, mattresses, etc).  These items may not be simply be placed curbside or by your dumpster.

Removal of your bulk waste items depends upon your type of collection service--dumpster or curbside. 

Bulk Waste Disposal with Dumpster Collection Service:
Do not leave bulk waste items beside the dumpster.  They will not be collected. 
Please contact your landlord or hauler to discuss disposal options.

Bulk Waste Disposal with Curbside Collection Service: 3 Ways

  1. Spring and Fall of the Year: Bulk waste collection is offered without charge twice a year during the Bulk Waste Collection Weeks in May and October.
  2. Weekly: Small bulk items  may also be set out with your weekly trash. Each item counts as one bag.
    Make sure the item:
    Weighs less than 40 pounds;
    One person can lift the item;

    Will not damage the truck.
  3. Special Pick Up (needs to be scheduled; additional fee)
    WM will pick up large bulk items outside of bulk waste week for an additional fee.

    Call 866-272-6861 to schedule the pick-up or go online at to wm.com. 

Please click on the following link for detailed guidelines on preparing your items for collection: